This amp is a recreation of a 1955 Harvard 5F10 circuit. It is surprisingly loud and seems to have quite a bit more clean headroom than the 5E3 Deluxe. Seems like it would be a good choice for a jazz player looking for vintage tone.  Don't get me wrong, when this thing starts to break up, it's awesome. It's got that classic tweed breakup that guitar players love so much.

  • Mercury Magnetics Transformers
  • Sprague Atom Capacitors
  • 2 Warehouse Guitar Speakers G8C 8 " Speakers
  • Separate Volume and Tone Controls
  • Power Rating - approx. 12 to 14 watts

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*Clips recorded with an AT4033 directly into ProTools. Guitar used was a Gibson ES335. Reverb was added to clips in ProTools.